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A Typical ‘Day In The Life’ in Addiction Treatment

Recovery from addiction does not take place overnight.  Many still suffering in active addiction need help re-establishing a daily/weekly routine. To make the most informed treatment decision, take a look at a typical ‘Day in the Life’ at Tara Addiction Recovery.

day in the life addiction recovery

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A Typical Day in the Life of Women’s Treatment

All treatment centers have a basic schedule in place for clients.  When you first arrive, you’ll be oriented and given time to adjust comfortably.  Professionals in the field of addiction find its best to get into the following routine to support recovery.  According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, gender specific treatment programs often yield the best outcomes. Here is an outline for a typical day.

A typical morning

A Morning in Treatment

A Typical Morning In Addiction Recovery

Most days, clients rise for a large breakfast bright and early.  Most morning classes focus on spirituality, yoga, quiet meditation, and 12-step programming.  Several times a week, individuals will have the chance to attend special groups such as Equine Therapy.

Morning Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Special Recovery Programs

Equine Therapy








A Typical Afternoon in Addiction Recovery

Afternoons with supportive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Group Therapy) is the best treatment framework.  A typical day includes groups like Relapse Prevention, Family Dynamics, and Character Building.  In a supportive female-only environment, it has been demonstrated that we’re more comfortable–enabling us to recover more easily.

A Typical Evening in Addiction Recovery

Unwind from the day with private time.  Reflect on your journey through recovery.  Individuals are encouraged to journal to watch their day-to-day progress through treatment.

A typical day

Recreation Room

A typical day: Sleeping Quarters

A Typical Day:  Sleeping Quarters






Recovery Happens One Day at a Time

Reach out and take your life back in gender specific Women’s Treatment through Tara Treatment Center

Typical day in the life of recovery

Recovery is possible. Become the person you were meant to be.


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