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Tax Credits: Paying it Forward (and getting a lot back!)

The Season of Giving

Tara Treatment Center’s superior level of care has recently been recognized by the state of Indiana, allowing for donations to be reimbursed at a considerably higher rate through tax credits.  

tax credits and christmas gifts for addicted mother

There is no better way to ‘pay it forward’ than to help your fellow man kick an addiction.  It’s the time of year that we hear bells ringing outside every grocery store…yet it can be difficult to decide where our financial help can do the most good. 

A brief stay at Tara buys many in Indiana a new lease on life itself.  With sobriety and support, Tara alumni reconnect with their families, regain employment, and sometimes even find a greater purpose in their lives.  We can’t imagine a better gift to give this holiday season!

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority has awarded Neighborhood Assistance Program Tax Credits to Tara Treatment Center.  This is an added incentive to support the cost of counseling and rehabilitation services that Tara provides to its residents.

The NAP tax credit means that 50% of the amount of your donation greater than $100 will be refunded to you in the form of a tax credits toward your Indiana State Tax burden.  This is in addition to federal tax deductions for which you may also be eligible.

For Example:

Based on a 24% tax bracket (for illustration purposes), 50% of a donation greater than $100 is refunded through Indiana NAP Tax Credits, with $24 credited through Federal Income Tax Deduction for a $100 donation.  In other words, a donation of $100 costs $26!

Help men and women regain their sobriety, their families, their jobs, and their own self-esteem.  Your donation to Tara creates a ripple effect, and is the best way to ‘pay it forward’ while earning tax credits in return!

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