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Tax Credit Program: Help Others, Help Yourself

tax credit

Tax Credit Opportunity

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority awarded Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Tax Credit to Tara Treatment Center, as an added incentive for you to support the cost of counseling services that Tara provides to its residents.

The NAP tax credit means that 50% of the amount of your donation greater than $100 will be refunded to you in the form of a tax credits toward your Indiana State Tax burden.  This is in addition to federal tax deductions for which you may also be eligible.

For Example:

(Based on 24% tax bracket-for illustration purposes only—this is not tax advice)

Your donation to Tara: $100.00

Indiana NAP Tax Credit: (50%) ($50.00)
Federal Income Tax Deduction: ($24.00)

Total Cost of Your Donation: $26.00

In other words, a donation of $100 costs $26!

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tax credits
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