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Success Stories of The Recovery Network Alliance (RNA)

Highlighting the Collaborative work of the Recovery Network Alliance (RNA)

The RNA is a very valuable resource for Tara and our staff, who deeply appreciate the support from others who work in this field.  Progress House’s Jimmy T shares the belief that by working together, we can achieve better outcomes for the people we serve.

Jimmy T.

Jimmy T Progress House RNA Meeting

Jim Tolgaroglou (CAPRC II) is a Recovery Coach, Advocate, and the Secretary for the Recovery Network Alliance, a monthly gathering with representatives from dozens of service providers from across the greater Indianapolis area.

As a recovery coach but also a person in recovery, I care about where our men are coming from when they begin with Progress House–so many men have gotten their start in sobriety with Tara, made the transition to Progress House, and gone on to do great things.

I care even more about where they’re going after they leave, and believe that cooperation between professionals in this field can go a long way to strengthen someones recovery.

The RNA meetings are about getting together to discuss recovery-related service/treatment subjects as they arise in our community.

The Next RNA Meeting:

From Tara Treatment Center, Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and collaborative spirit, Jimmy!

The next meeting will be at Progress House and hosted by Stagz (Women’s) Transitional Housing this Wednesday February 27 at noon.