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Red Ribbon Week: Raising Awareness Across the Community

Red Ribbon Week 2018

Red Ribbon Week is a drug awareness and violence prevention campaign which takes place annually in the last week of October.   As the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country, “Red Ribbon Week serves as a method and opportunity for communities and individuals to take a stand against drug abuse and educate others on its destruction“.

The Red Ribbon Campaign began with a passionate DEA agent in 1985.  The message behind the ribbon is carried on today in many ways all across our community.  We reached out to other local specialists in the general field of healthcare, and found two particular experts working to raise awareness within their field. 

red ribbon week 2018
The theme for Red Ribbon Week 2018 is "Life is your journey--Travel Drug Free"

Primary Care for Addiction

Windrose Healthcare provides primary care across the Indianapolis area, and was a big supporter of Tara’s recent Ann Daugherty Symposium.  We reached out to Windrose’s Dr. Donna Vaughan to learn more about addiction treatment from the perspective of primary healthcare. We asked Donna how likely people are to talk to their primary doctor about problems concerning addicion.  Donna readily answered, “We are happy to receive people with all sorts of health problems–that’s what primary care is about, after all!  Often we see people with addiction problems.  We never pressure them–we only encourage them to let us help.

Red Ribbon Week

When addiction becomes an emergency

Dr. Profeta is an Emergency Room Physician who also shares experience in the field of addiction.   We reached out to Dr. Profeta, who referred us to this article

Dr Profeta has seen his fair share of addiction problems in the ER, and is also eager to raise awareness of the problem of substance abuse.  Dr Profeta is also a gifted writer and public speaker on the topic.  Dr Profeta graphically explains his policy of looking up the Facebook profiles of overdose victims who come in to his ER:

“It kind of keeps me human. You see, I’m about to change their lives — your mom and dad, that is. In about five minutes, they will never be the same, they will never be happy again. Right now, to be honest, you’re just a nameless dead body that feels like a wet bag of newspapers that we have been pounding on, sticking IV lines and tubes and needles in, trying desperately to save you. There’s no motion, no life, nothing to tell me you once had dreams or aspirations. I owe it to them to learn just a bit about you before I go in.”

red ribbon week

Passionate professionals like Donna and Louis act as a safety net for our community, and are the reason for Red Ribbon Week’s continued success.  Let’s make this a great Red Ribbon Week together as a community!  Remember, your life is a journey–travel drug free!