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Ann Daugherty Symposium 2018: Pain and Addiction, Relapse Prevention, Gestalt Therapy, and Spiritual Approaches

Highlighting Recent Recovery Research

We had great speakers this year!  Topics ranged from treatment of addiction alongside chronic pain, all the way to an ultra-modern take on the topic of spirituality and recovery. 

Below are highlights containing great resources for recovery–check the links below to access resources from slides of our presenters! 

Recovery Christine Turo-Shields

Christine Turo-Shields delivers her hugely popular “Soul’s Search for Meaning”  presentation.  In it she cites remarkably relatable, poignant literature (old and new) which has proven effective for varying mindsets. 

Christine is the owner of Kenosis Counseling.  In this presentation, she explores the use of modern mythologies to help those in recovery understand their addiction.  If you ever find yourself searching for reading recommendations, be sure to check out this presentation.

Dr Fred Frick spoke to the efficacy of new treatments for hepatitis C, and cited studies showing that these drug therapies are expected to be used in a much more widespread fashion in the coming years.  We’re glad to hear of greater access to improved treatments!

Lawrence Pender spoke on relapse prevention and informed of CENAPS strategies for recognizing warning signs and promoting recovery from relapse. 

Jim Ryser reports on the difficulties of treating addiction alongside chronic pain in our current opioid crisis.   

Charlie Bowman reminds us that before there was ‘mindfulness’, there was ‘Gestalt’.  Gestalt therapy is fundamentally different from CBT, and stresses the uniqueness of our experiences and perspectives.  “Sometimes our experience in life becomes like a broken record, stuck in a groove (rut) and on repeat.  This is especially true in addiction.  Gestalt therapy is useful in breaking cycles like these.”