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Mike Denton’s Bolder Big Book (SPOILER: It isn’t Blue!)

Mike Denton Original 'blue book'

On Anonymity

Mike Denton isn’t just a highly-respected professional in the field of addiction, he speaks openly about his own story of recovery–and encourages others to do the same.

“Did you know that the original Alcoholics Anonymous cover wasn’t the dull blue we picture today?  Rather, it was bright orange and yellow to catch the eye.  I believe that those who are strong enough in their recovery should step forward.  While we must remain anonymous at the level of press, having the courage to carry these conspicuous colors can go a long way to break stigma.  In fact, once a person reaches a certain point it becomes their duty to tell their story to let others know that there is hope.”

If you are a Tara Alumni and have reached this point in recovery, reach out to us!  We’d love to help tell your story however we can.