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Tara Employee Fighting for Tara Alumni: Mandy Johnson

Meet Mandy Johnson, coordinator of Annual Tara Alumni Celebration

Tara Alumni

Mandy Johnson is dedicated to  Tara Alumni.   She oversees  Tara’s Annual Alumni Celebration, and has a personal connection to addiction.

Why is Mandy so dedicated to addiction recovery?

“After working at Tara for 13 years, I’ve gained a new understanding of what it means to love someone who has problems with addiction.  Learning about recovery has taught me it isn’t my fault and I can’t cure it.  I’ve learned to love and respect them from a distance.

My father has suffered from addiction for most of his life.  He is currently incarcerated because of his addiction.  He found recovery for about 7 years but then relapsed.  

My brother has largely followed in my fathers footsteps, and he resists going to rehab.  

My brother has made choices such as changing people, places and things to do better for himself, and struggles with his addiction daily even though he’s not using.”

Tara Alumni
Mandy and her brother

Mandy fights for her father, brother, and alcoholics who still suffer in silence by coordinating an annual celebration for Tara Alumni.  This year’s celebration is coming up Saturday, September 8th.  Check it out below!

AGENDA11:00 AM- 11:30 AM- Sign-in/Welcome11:30 AM-11:35PM- Prayer11:45-1pm- Lunch1:00PM- 1:15 PM- Sobriety...

Posted by Tara Treatment Center on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Mandy has found resources like al-anon useful, and believes ‘fellowship’ is the surest way out of addiction.  Come see the yearly gathering of Tara Alumni for food, fun, and fellowship.  Stay for the balloon release, giving added visibility to the disease of addiction!

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