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Jamie Johnson: “Music is Magic for Recovery”

Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson: Recovery Advocate

Originally from Milan, Indiana (the town featured in the movie:  Hoosiers) Jamie Johnson became a popular bluegrass artist, performing to huge audiences and working with famous artists like Dolly Parton.  Then, his alcoholism took everything away.

“It starts as one moment at a time, to one minute at a time, to a few hours, to a day.  Then add the days up one-at-a-time.  And thats how I got to four years sobriety today.”  

Jamie Johnson

Hard-Won Perspective

When Jamie finds himself holding resentments these days, his friends in recovery remind him that his current problems are nothing compared to his life before sobriety.


“I spent a week in the psych ward.  My wife left me for our little boy.  I guess I needed that time to really hit the bottom.  I’m one of the lucky ones who made it out.  My higher power helped me keep breathing.  Because…I had thoughts. Dark thoughts.  

Including my mind, I lost everything.  What got me in the meetings and in those chairs–acknowledging I needed help.  Find that seat in whatever meeting it is, and accept it as a gift.

They won’t preach it to you, they’ll just show you.  Man is it nice when the shaking stops…when the madness stops.  When you can finally take a breath and be present.  That moment of silence that used to get me–but I’ve finally learned to enjoy it.  That moment of silence is what I was seeking all along.”

Songs of Sobriety

Today, Jamie uses his gifts as an artist to help guide others towards recovery.  We’re thankful to Jamie for coming to speak (and sing!) at our upcoming Ann Daugherty Symposium, May 22nd.