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Intervening: Three Important Guidelines

Intervening with Nick Sahaidachny

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The goal of an intervention is to hold a mirror up to your loved one.  Unfortunately, “No one experiences spontaneous insight”, as Nick Sahaidachny explains.  Intervening is seldom pleasant, but can save the life of your loved one and restore peace to your family.

With years of personal and professional experience helping families through interventions, Nick has three important guidelines he follows.

1.  Meet with a professional to plan the intervention properly.  Often, loved ones have difficulty understanding the nature of the disease of addiction and require some education themselves.  Nick also encourages families to begin going to al-anon meetings to prepare themselves emotionally.

2.  Get a meaningful group of people together.  It is likely that your loved one is in a state of denial, making it difficult for them to seriously consider the arguments presented by any single family member.  Preparing a team of family or friends who are likely to hold influence over your loved one can be key.  Reach out to them and ask for help! 

3.  Prepare concrete data to present during the intervention.  The best way to help your loved one out of denial is to present them with raw facts, as opposed to making emotional appeals.  This may include things like problems with employment, relationships, or driving accidents.  Presenting concrete data which is not up for debate allows family members to stay as emotionally detached as possible, and can make intervening much less stressful.

Remember, the goal is to help your loved one out of their denial and see themselves in a new light. 

Nick Sahaidachny can be reached in the Indianapolis area at 317-502-1415.

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