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Images of Inspiration: Spencer Medcalf

Want to know what inspires us? 

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 


Robert Downey Jr. appearing in Vanity Fair to discuss his success in recovery from addiction

So many of us fail to see our own personal greatness.  Recovery stories like Robert Downey Jr.’s show that any of us can improve ourselves, but too often we assume a person is only ‘great’ when they make national headlines.  At Tara Treatment Center, a great person need only know that they stepped up to make things better in their corner of the world.

Enter Spencer Medcalf.  

All superheroes have great origin-stories.  Spencer Medcalf is no different. 

“One day after school I was with a girlfriend and took some pills she found.  Instantly, I had found the drug of my choice and the love of my life.  Once I graduated high school in 2010, it turned into more and more pills, with occasional drinking when I couldn’t get them.  

I started at college but dropped out because I was addicted; I simply didnt care.

Prison was my rock bottom.  I was forced to look at my actions and realized I was incarcerated because of my heroine addiction.

“I don’t think it was any one specific moment in prison, but a long series.  I found that I was doing things in prison, indebted to people in prison, and yet continued to use.  It was an emotional feeling that something HAS GOT to change.  I made the decision then and there.”

When I was released, I knew what Tara Treatment Center produced and went their way.  I knew they really take it seriously.  I became the Secretary of Ann’s monday night meeting.”


Spencer recently got a job as a lead Recovery Coach in IU Health’s virtual care department.  He is working on a project that would implement Recovery Coaches in all IU health hospitals to connect patients with local community resources when they come with substance abuse problems.
Red Ribbon Week spencer medcalf tara alum
Spencer Medcalf training for his IU Methodist position as Lead Recovery Coach. With Sarah Stillerman and Kristen Wisler

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