You Gave Me My Son Back

“In 2008 Tara Treatment Center played a part in one of the most amazing times in our family’s lives; my son’s sobriety. I live out of state. I never felt disconnected during his treatment and benefited immensely from the family sessions. I know i am not alone in my admiration for your facility, staff, and program. Thank you for giving me my son back.”

November 28th, 2014

We want to express our gratitude, love and prayers to all the staff and employees at Tara Treatment Center. Please extent our thanks to everyone. All of the patience, kindness and understanding that was shown to our family by each and every one we encountered was amazing. Thank you for supporting us and guiding us through what has been one of the most challenging and trying times of our lives.

It is because of all the caring,love,counseling and support that we continue on our journey of healing and hope one day at a time, each and every day. We are healing and we have found hope to move forward along with Andrea, our most loving daughter. Without Tara Treatment Center we truly believe we would have never seen the light at the end of the   tunnel.

Please continue with your wonderful work and know how much all of you are appreciated. You are in our prayers and thoughts daily.

God Bless Tara Treatment Center!

Thank u Tara Treatment Center

Thank u Tara Treatment Center- Theresa Matthews, Dianne, Charlette, Ms Ann (RIP). Jim (RIP) and the rest of the staff on Jan 22nd, I celebrated 24yrs n recovery. I love the LOVE THERE!

“I am sure you hear it on a regular basis”

I am sure you hear it on a regular basis, but I just want to be added to the list of families who thank you for all that you do, have done, and continue to do. My heart is once again full where it had been so empty. May God continue to bless you, your staff & everyone who walks through your doors seeking hope & healing.

“Tara was the best place”

Tara was the best place that I could have been. I learned more about the disease and how recovery worked. I didn’t realize so much was involved. I want to thank all the staff who helped me and I am going to continue to keep my recovery first.

“Having been involved in other programs”

Having been involved in other programs in the past, I will honestly say this program has been the most beneficial. The information that I received gave me a totally different concept of addictions.

“I love you people”

I love you people. I thank you for giving me a safe place to lay my head, and all the tools and knowledge to save my life.

“Thank you”

Thank you for all your support. You saved my life and my future.

“I am so glad that I came to Tara”

I am so glad that I came to Tara. This was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and my children. I love all the staff. I will miss everyone so much! I would be honored to come back to Tara anytime and help in any way I can.