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Handling Holiday Stress with Yoga: “Nama Sleigh”

How Becky Mann Handles Holiday Stress with Yoga

Though we seldom acknowledge it, this time of year is always sure to bring some holiday stress.  Visiting home with family and old friends can seem to pull us back into unhealthy states of mind and old habits.  At the same time, isolation isn’t a very good alternative.  How can we enjoy the loving warmth and renewal of the holiday season, but leave the ‘negatives’ behind?

When holiday stress rears its head, resist the urge to block it out or avoid it.  Before going to a social gathering, put a plan together hoping for the best but anticipating the worst.  Becky Mann recommends having a plan to leave if necessary, but only if stress becomes too much to bare.  Otherwise, Becky has practical advice and specific tips to regain our composure.

"Dysfunction at its best!"

Managing Holiday Stress with Yoga: Nama Sleigh
'Don we now our gay apparel!' Becky Mann Practices what she preaches all through the year. Learn more about yoga specifically designed to complement recovery: Y12SR

“Good ole holidays… dysfunction at its best! This time of year we talk a lot about ‘mountain pose’… feeling grounded and connected to the earth and then taking deep breaths. It sounds so simple, but just pausing to take a few deep breaths before responding can do wonders for our peace of mind.

Walking outside for a few minutes helps too.  I also like ‘five on the floor’.  This means dropping and spending five minutes laying on the floor…stretching or just putting legs up and finding our breath.”


holiday stress
Becky Mann and friends at Tara Treatment Center demonstrate 'five on the floor'.

Happy Holidays from Tara Treatment Center!

We’ll be keeping Becky’s advice in mind this holiday season.  Namaste, and Nama Sleigh!  If you’re interested in learning more about yoga for recovery, check out this in-depth interview with Becky!


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Christmas Cardinals artwork created by friends of Tara