NAP Tax Credits

For the last 35 years, Tara’s mission has been to provide quality care to individuals and families
affected by alcoholism and/or drug addiction by promoting lifelong continued recovery. Each
month we receive numerous calls from men and women who are seeking help. Many of these
individuals do not have insurance or sufficient funds to pay for their treatment. Unlike many
facilities, Tara continues to provide long-term residential care. Many studies indicate that the longer
an individual is connected to treatment, the greater their chances of maintaining continued sobriety.

We are asking for your help…

And we have a program where you may help someone AND also help yourself.  Over the past few years, we have been faced with decreasing reimbursement from insurance companies and state funding. Despite the decrease in funding, treatment needs are increasing. It remains a priority at Tara to ensure that all individuals have access to services. Alone this mission
seems insurmountable, but we have learned by working together with foundations, churches, groups, and individuals in the community who share our concern, the insurmountable can be accomplished.

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority awarded Neighborhood
Assistance Program (NAP) Tax Credits to Tara Treatment Center, as an added incentive for you to
support the cost of counseling services that Tara provides to its residents. The NAP tax credit
means that 50% of the amount of your donation greater than $100 will be refunded to you in the
form of a tax credits toward your Indiana State Tax burden this is in addition to federal tax
deductions for which you may also be eligible.

      For Example:

(Based on 24% tax bracket-for illustration purposes only—this is not tax advice)

Your donation to Tara: $100.00

Indiana NAP Tax Credit: (50%) ($50.00)
Federal Income Tax Deduction: ($24.00)

Total Cost of Your Donation: $26.00

Please join us in our efforts to help men, women, and their families. Your donation will allow someone the opportunity to receive help while at the same time helping you with a tax credit. For more information contact Jessica Daugherty.

To take advantage of this opportunity, simply complete the contributor information below.

Simply complete the form below attach it and your check to made out to: “Tara Treatment Center, Inc.” with “NAP Tax Credits” on the memo line. Or, after completing the form below you may also go to our online donation page.  Write “NAP Tax Credits” in the “purpose” box. 

We will provide you with a copy of the completed tax credit authorization form and mail it back to you. 

NAP Tax Credits

Contributor Information Required. To take advantage of the Indiana Neighborhood Assistance Program Tax Credits, complete and submit this form along with your donation. Once it is received, Tara Treatment Center, Inc. will provide you with the necessary documentation to claim your tax credit on your IT-40 Indiana State Income Tax Filing Form.
  • Please indicate whether this is for an individual taxpayer or a business.
  • (Organizations Only)