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Career Development Month with Jim and Heather Klein

Developing Careers

November is National Career Development Month, which has a special meaning in the context of Tara Treatment Center.  Here, recovery can mean restarting life completely. 

Recovery presents unique challenges to those with career ambitions.   As they complete rehabilitation, Ann’s Restaurant can act as an essential first step to gain new experience, impress new people, and show off how far they’ve come.

Career Development Jim Klein Ann's Restaurant
Jim Klein and his Wife Heather are Ann's General Manager and Lead Cook

Ann’s is about second Chances

Ann’s Restaurant has been in Tara’s family since 1952.  As the general manager, Jim Klein is an important part of that family.  As Jim puts it, “We are a place of second chances.  We don’t care what you’ve done in the past.  We care what you can do for us and what you can do for yourself“.  

Jim takes a ‘Mr. Miyagi’ approach to his role as manager.  “We usually start people off as dishwashers–simple but good honest work.  Once they’ve regained a bit of that discipline,  we’ll train them to do anything else they may be interested in.  We train them to do anything here at the restaurant.”  

Jim believes that work-ethic fundamentals like being on time, being kind and courteous, and giving your best effort are what eventually lead to success in general–even for ‘the boss’.  For many, working at Ann’s restores these fundamentals.

“At the very least” Jim explains, “we get them re-acclimated to the working world.  We get them used to waking up on time again and being a productive member of society.”

You can work really hard in your job and make a living. You can work really hard on yourself and make a fortune. Love your life, and leave a legacy worth remembering.     

Dan Miller

Mister “C”

We asked Jim how work at Ann’s may differ from other restaurants.  He explains,

“We have to really watch, they can slip at any moment and are really good at hiding these things.  Other places–I wont say they don’t care, but they don’t really know what to look for.  As long as someone is walking the line, we can be uniquely supportive.  We even accommodate so that employees can go to all kinds of support meetings–some of them happen right here at Ann’s!

It is a great middle ground before pursuing other employment.  We try to protect them as much as we can.  As a restaurant manager you’re a bit of a teacher, principle, and counselor.  I’m always happy to talk to people after hours or do whatever I can do.”


We asked Jim if he could think of a person who really made the most of their time at Tara and shined in a role at Ann’s.  

“Oh for sure–We’ll call him ‘Mr C’.  He was here for about a year, he was very well educated, spoke many different languages and had accounting degrees.  Addiction can happen to anybody and Mr C is a great example of someone with vast potential who got a second chance–and made the most of it.  He ended up getting a great job at [a major local hospital] in his field.”

Jim has one piece of career advice for those who are just restarting their lives in recovery:  “Everyone makes mistakes–I know I wasn’t the same person at 18 that I am as I approach 40 today.  And thank goodness for that.  There’s always a chance, look forward, don’t look back!

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