Anthem Addiction Treatment Coverage

Anthem Addiction Coverage

Anthem health and addiction coverage plans cover nearly 40,000,000 United States citizens.  Here are commonly asked questions:


Q:  What Is Anthem, Inc.?

Answer: According to their website , Anthem is an insurance organization with roots in Indianapolis, Indiana.  They are an insurance coverage policy within the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

Q:  Does Anthem Cover Different Types of Substance Abuse Treatment?

Answer:  Many different types of treatment centers are covered. Insurance applies to a variety of treatments:

Q:  What Does Your Anthem Policy Cover?

Answer:  Your policy has different types of insurance plans with different levels of coverage:

  1. Bronze: Covers 60% of expenses.  This plan has lowest monthly payment and highest deductible.
  2. Silver: Covers 70% of expenses.
  3. Gold: Covers 80% of all expenses.
  4. Platinum:  Covers 90% of all expenses. This plan has highest monthly payment and lowest deductible.

More information is available online.  Those holding a policy should log in to their official website to learn more.

Q:  How Will Anthem Cover my Treatment?

Answer:  Your coverage varies depending on the nature of your personal situation and which plan you hold.  Your coverage may also be affected by the expected cost-effectiveness of your treatment and the appropriateness of the treatment you seek.  For more information see their official website.

For example, your provider may recommend a longer stay in rehab. If they inform Anthem of this and explain their therapeutic opinion, Anthem may accept the medical necessity for treatment and cover an extended stay.


Q:  How Do I Start?

Answer:  Right now you feel overwhelmed or vulnerable.  Accepting that you need help is a sign of strength.

Individuals interested in exploring treatment options may begin the process here.


Tara Treatment Center participates as a preferred provider for many insurance plans.

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