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Alcoholism and Images of Inspiration: Sarah Stillerman

Alcoholism Sarah Stillerman

Sarah Stillerman has devoted the last decade to doing battle with her alcoholism.

“The biggest influence to my addiction was the lack of consequences. I knew where I could go and what I could get away with. I was introduced to the party scene as a teenager, where alcohol became my best friend and my worst enemy. I always took drinking to another level. By my senior year of high school, I became a nightly black out drinker and had spent multiple visits to the hospital.
School was always my second priority after drinking, so I went on to college. Within the first year, I went through four roommates, jail, too many confrontations to count, and was asked to leave. Because I still managed to turn in my work, I was able to finish the year. I moved back home to start at a smaller college, thinking the dorm life isn’t meant for me….never considering that alcohol was the issue.
I moved in with my spouse in the fall of 2009, when I quickly realized it wasn’t going to be as easy to get away with my drinking. Shortly after moving in, he suggested I go to an outpatient program. (Going to IOP and hitting the bar after doesn’t work out) I made another visit to the ER after an intervention where Jim R. and Mike D. from the Methodist IOP helped me get into Tara Treatment Center. Tara introduced me to Alcoholics Anonymous and gave me the tools I needed to start a new life.
I’ve been sober since December 1, 2009.  I went back to school, finished the few classes I had left to receive a degree in Graphic Design, and worked as a graphic artist for Adidas almost 7 years. I love my sobriety and being involved with the recovery community! I started to question myself about what else I could be doing. I decided to go back to school in the summer of 2017 for a career change. My goal is to earn a BSW and maybe one day an MSW! In June 2018, I became a certified addiction peer recovery coach through ICAADA and have made it into the addiction field as a lead recovery coach for IU Health!”

On Spirituality

“Today, I realize there is something out there bigger than me. I dont know what that is and, thats okay. I dont practice organized religion, but I have learned how to be spiritual. The word God always turned me off until I finally grasped the idea that God is a higher power of my understanding. Nature is my God.”


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