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Gender and Addiction: How Stigma Affects Women and Men

While women and men are more alike psychologically than they are different, each gender is faced with unique social roles and expectations. We’ve discussed in a previous post how gender differences can affect what a person needs during addiction treatment, but we’ve only scratched the surface on the unique ways women and men experience addiction.…

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Detoxification vs. Treatment vs. Recovery: What’s the Difference?

Jennifer Parker, BSW, LAC, ACRPS, has been with Tara Treatment Center since 1997. She became Clinical Supervisor in 2018. Treatment. Recovery. Therapy. Counseling. Detoxification. Rehabilitation. The process of overcoming and healing from addiction has many parts, but the terms we use to describe each part aren’t always explained clearly. This can make recovery seem confusing…

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AA Big Book in Focus: The Desperation of the First Drink

“The mass of men lead lives of quite desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.” — Henry David Thoreau, philosopher and writer Chapter 3 of the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book uses a number of powerful words to define alcoholism. Obsession. Illusion. Insanity. All of these can be found within the very first paragraph of…

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