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More from Dr. Quinn Chipley on Substance Use Experiences, Treatment Transitions and Society’s Love-Hate Relationship with Substance Users

More on Substance Addiction from Dr. Quinn Chipley In our last two posts on the science of the “pleasure principle” and abstinence-based addiction recovery, we’ve featured many wise insights from addiction specialist Dr. Quinn Chipley. Dr. Chipley is one of five expert speakers who will be presenting at our 10th Annual Ann Daugherty Symposium on…

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The Science of Addiction: Brain Chemistry and the Pleasure Principle

The Science of Addiction with Dr. Quinn T. Chipley “The pleasure principle long persists, however, as the method of working employed by the sexual instincts, which are so hard to ‘educate,’ and, starting from those instincts, or in the ego itself, it often succeeds in overcoming the reality principle, to the detriment of the organism…

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