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Getting Gender-Specific with Mike Denton

Valentine’s Day is Over!   Mike Denton is a big believer in gender-specific treatment, explaining that “Early in anyones recovery, we can’t help but be distracted by the opposite sex.”   Over the course of Mike’s long-term personal recovery and career as a professional in the field of addiction, Mike has observed the profound relationship between sex,…

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Mike Denton’s Bolder Big Book (SPOILER: It isn’t Blue!)

On Anonymity Mike Denton isn’t just a highly-respected professional in the field of addiction, he speaks openly about his own story of recovery–and encourages others to do the same. “Did you know that the original Alcoholics Anonymous cover wasn’t the dull blue we picture today?  Rather, it was bright orange and yellow to catch the…

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One (Valentine’s) Day at a Time: Mike Denton on Dating in Recovery

an Unofficial rule for newfound sobriety… There is an unwritten rule regarding relationships for those in early recovery… When newly sober and in early recovery, don’t date.  Focus on finding yourself. To be fair–it’s not a formal rule, and not directly addressed in the 12 steps.  But addiction counselors agree it’s a good idea. Mike Denton…

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